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Writing is a form of channeling. When I felt completely without hope about completing my book DOGS HAVE ANGELS TOO. I called out through my williamsburg brooklyn metal caged window overlooking a abandoned parking lot “If i’m in the wrong direction give me nothing, I’ll stop and finally admit I’m a shitty writer.” A large cardboard box tied shut with grey sweat pants has just been dumped on the sidewalk. I didn’t see who did it. It must have happened when I went to pee pee. The box started to move. My husband came running in “Another ass hole dumped more garbage again.” “Cal 311″ I responded for the hundredth time since living there because our corner had become a dumping haven. “It’s moving.” I hear him say. “I thought so but I wasn’t sure.” I assumed it was a rat and it would chew it self free. He runs down,opens the front door, and unwraps the dirty sweats holding it together. He then takes a stick from the garage and gently slides the top open. Out pops a sweet black and white head. “Well it’s not what I thought it was.” He screams up. I run down and stand near but not too near just in case. “Stand back.” he says. He pokes gently the sides of the box to see how the dog will react. The dog growls and curls up in a corner. I start to cry. “I prayed for a message to continue writing my dog rescue book and here it is.” When we went to lift the dog he was aggressive and we decided to wait for some help. We called the aspca and they told us to call animal control. We called them but they couldn’t pick up until tomorrow. We ran to Bark the local dog shelter and they were overloaded they said with dogs. On our way back we stopped at the top of the street to watch a homeless man open up the box, pat the dog then put the box with the dog in his shopping cart and leave. And so be grateful for what you pray for is the moral of this experience. After that it took me a month to finish writing the book and then I had it published. I’m off to market with it. I’m exploring a grass roots movement of faith and dog rescue and self rescue.

- Sarah Cavallaro, author Dogs Have Angels Too.

Dogs Have Angels Too demonstrates how positive effects can come out of life’s unexpected turns and how the mutual love between people and pets is truly inspiring. In addition, Cavallaro reveals how one woman with a vision is able to enlighten others and bring about change for needy pups within her own community. Learn more at or on Facebook:

Guest Blog from Olga Horvat: Picking the Right Name for Your New Pet

I am happy to share insights from guest bloggers.

Olga Horvat, author of Paranormal Pooch, writes:

Experts have estimated that, over a dog’s lifetime, his name will be called over 30,000 times, so a name has to sound right. Words, like thoughts, are a form of energy and vibrate on various frequencies. Picking the right name for a pet can set up the right vibrations for a happy life, while choosing the wrong name can be harmful to the animal, and even to its owner. The scholar and philosopher Jean Houston, in her book, Mystical Dogs, tells about bringing home a new dog and naming him ‘Zeus’, after the Greek god who hurls thunderbolts. That very week, her house was damaged by lightening several times, to the tune of $6,000. “It was evident Zeus was going to live up to his name,” Houston wrote. I bounced ideas around with my husband, Alex and my daughter, Kathy. We all wanted the puppy to have a distinguished, even royal name, such as ‘Princess Di’, or ‘Princess Grace’. On the other hand, these ladies had short lives (each died in an auto crash); I did not want to associate our dog with such a legacy. Then I thought it would be fun to give her a name after a famous movie dog, such as Lassie, Maya, Nina, Rin Tin Tin, or some other very well-known Hollywood canine. But none of these names pleased me. The ‘perfect dog’ deserves a perfect name. I kept reading and searching, dreaming up names. There was an interesting historical poodle I read about. In the 17th century, there was Prince Rupert of the Rhine, nephew to King Charles I of England. Prince Rupert owned a white poodle named Boye. Rumor had it that this dog was possessed by a witch’s spirit. Supposedly, the witch, traveling in the form of a dog, ensured the prince’s victory in his battles against the Parliamentarians. Rupert was a commander in Charles’s cavalry, and Boye was always at his side. Throughout the English Civil War, the Parliament feared the dog, claiming it had supernatural powers. Boye was finally killed at the famously ferocious battle of Marston Moor in June of 1644, which was the first major defeat for Prince Rupert and the Royalists. The defeat, coming as it did with Boye’s death, convinced many that the poodle had indeed been possessed. Well, I definitely did not want my dog associated with witchcraft and supernatural events and bloody battles. I kept digging for the right name. One night, a phrase just came to me ‘Princess of Swan Lake’. There was a wonderful children’s movie, Barbie of Swan Lake, directed by Owen Hurley, which we had all enjoyed. Princess of Swan Lake was such a subtle and beautiful fairy tale name, a soft and precious title befitting a darling little creature. When Alex and Kathy heard the name, they instantly knew it was just right. We’d finally found the perfect name. Olga Horvat, MA, author of Paranormal Pooch

First Ever Pet POP-UP Adoption Shop

Hollywood comes to Sunnyside ! This Thursday, June 16 at 5.30 PM the Victorian style pub and eatery, Molly Blooms on Queens Boulevard will play host to the legendary stage and screen star Fionnula Flanagan at an event in celebration of Ireland’s literary titan James Joyce. Flanagan, the Emmy winning actress who has most recently appeared on *Lost*, *Star Trek* and the Irish American crime drama *Brotherhood*, and is widely regarded as the foremost interpreter of Joyce’s women. Each year on June 16 Flanagan performs at the *Bloomsday Live* celebrations at Symphony Space in Manhattan, where her appearance is the highlight of the annual festival of Joyce’s work. This year *Molly Blooms* is delighted to present her in performance in the gorgeous new Irish venue. In Ireland, and indeed worldwide, June 16 is better known to scholars as Bloomsday, named after Leopold Bloom the hero of Joyce’s acknowledged masterpiece *Ulysses*. In *Ulysses *Bloom takes a leisurely walk through Dublin on June 16, 1904 and for decades after fans of the famous book have dressed up in the fashions of Edwardian Dublin to celebrate their hero and Joyce’s inimitable work in cities as far flung as Zurich and Tokyo. This Thursday at *Molly Blooms* Joyce fans and newcomers alike will also have a rare chance to hear a reading of ‘Eveline,’ an atmospheric and unforgettable almost-immigrant’s tale from ‘Dubliners,’ performed by actress Jo Kinsella. To get you in the mood on the night a brief discussion of Joyce’s life and achievements will be presented by Professor Richard Marotta, of Queens College. All comers are invited to dress in your best Edwardian get up, because the best James Joyce or Molly Bloom costumes will win a free keg of their choice – but come as you are and you’re still guaranteed a remarkable night. Meanwhile* Molly Booms* bar and restaurant is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop by and get to know the most distinctive new premises on Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, where you can enjoy $4.00 Guinness all Bloomsday. Come celebrate Ireland and the best of its arts and culture! *Molly Blooms* is located at 43-13 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside. Telephone (718) 433-1916

Buy Local, Shop Local, Hire Local – and Let People Park!
Over 70 members of the Sunnyside Community comprising local residents, merchants, property owners and government officials, came together on Tuesday to mark the launch of the Queens Boulevard Merchants Initiative at Molly Blooms.
Addressing the overflow crowd in the Garden at Molly Blooms, Congressman Joseph Crowley voiced his support for the initiative. He warmly endorsed the group’s initiatives including their goal to make parking regulations more friendly, agreeing that by mid-morning on that stretch of Queens Boulevard, “traffic is not there to the degree that you need five lanes open.”

Council member Jimmy Van Bramer stated that “It’s a tremendous, tremendous initiative, it is so, so important. We’ve got to do everything we can to make sure we do everything possible to keep Queens Boulevard the heart and soul of our community,” said Van Bramer.

Representatives from the offices of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Senator Mike Gianaris and Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan also attended the event to show their support.

The QBMI’s goal is to facilitate communication between residents, merchants, property owners and government officials in order to solicit ideas on how to improve Sunnyside. The group seeks to work along with other organizations to improve the community and encourage residents to Buy Local, Shop Local, and Hire Local.

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Sensi6 Benefit Event Program June 2011


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