“We have really enjoyed working with Dana – She was instrumental in helping us launch a new pet product / brand successfully with her advice, guidance, talents, and connections. We knew little about the ins and outs of the pet industry but she quickly connected us with the right people to help our brand get a variety of exposure (television, radio, web, print magazines). She coached us through our first trade show appearance by generating lots of buzz around our product with the press and she also planned creative events that brought a lot of attention to our booth. We have had a great experience working with Dana!” Loren Kulesus, Dr. Catsby Inc.

“Being new to the Pet Industry, I was looking for someone to help me get a toe in the door with my new product. Dana came highly recommended from many of the Influencers in the industry and she delivered in spades. She (and her Team) are solid communicators and they stay focused on getting your product exposed in the right circles. I highly recommend Dana Humphrey and Whitegate PR.” -Jim Foley, Did You Feed The Dog?

“Dana is knowledgeable, connected and very well liked in both the pet as well as PR categories of her business. Working with Dana as a client, Dana not only delivered what was discussed; Dana went above and beyond to deliver even more! Dana is a women of her word and a pleasure to work with. Her positivity and entrepreneurial spirit propel her to the success she has had.” -Ralph Cohen, EVP at Precious Tails/ Wham-O Pets

“Dana Humphrey is the best in the pet business when it comes to getting the word out for her clients. We have worked together for many years and it never ceases to amaze me at her can-do attitude. I love her creativity and ability to connect with anyone and everyone. Earlier this year she brought her client Jorge Bendersky (celebrity dog groomer) to our Super Pet Expo and his PR ability helped our shows garner several interviews. Dana always goes above and beyond in trying to get her clients exposure.” -Eric Udler, President of All Show Services

“Dana Humphrey of Whitegate PR is an outstanding publicist. Her team uplifted my Pet Acoustics Inc. brand through digital and TV media, personal introductions and blogging opportunities. Within a month sales and recognition were up. I recommend Dana Humphrey’s supportive work to any company wanting a solid turn around in results and may I add all done with positive energy towards a goal!” Janet Marlow, Founder and CEO, Pet Acoustics Inc

“Dana did a great job for Puppy Bumpers, getting us on TV spots, Radio shows and reviewed by bloggers. The exposure helped us tremendously! I heartily recommend her and we will be working with her again!” -Ann Price, President at Puppy Bumpers, Inc.

“We hired Dana Humphrey on a seasonal basis to educate the general public about the Pooch Pals brand and our unique approach to pet care and dog training. While partnering with Dana, we initially devised a clear strategy and she and her team went right to work helping us gain exposure through newspaper, magazine, online blogs and television interviews. Her company’s network of outlets is wide and deep. Working with Dana was fun, collaborative and educational. I highly recommend Dana and her company Whitegate PR.” -Marc Elias, Canine Executive Officer of Pooch Pals LLC

Gladys Valente, Creator and General Manager of MetroGuest.com

Personable, Expert, Good Value

“I love working with Dana. As I always tell her she is the best. She is proactive, innovative, has a great personality, knows the right people and above all knows what she is doing. I would not trade her for anybody else. I highly recommended Dana.” July 21, 2010

Janis McDavid, Entertainer for Kids Parties

Great Results, Personable, Good Value

“Dana is quick to action! She has help me to expand my business in a short amount of time, and at a reasonable cost. I highly reccomend her.” October 27, 2009

Harold Cameron, Chief of Helping People & Ambassador of Positivity, HaroldSays

“Dana appeared as a guest on my consumer advocacy show, Consumer Advocacy with Harold Cameron on BlogTalkRadio – Tuesdays at 1 PM EST. As a guest she provided important and relevent insights as to how consumers can use the power of “conscious consumerism” to affect how companies conduct business with their providers as well as with their customers. She shared how we as consumers can impact companies and people’s lives for the better by where and how we shop and the products that we purchase as consumers. I highly recommend Dana and her company Whitegate PR for Public Relations services because of who she is and what she believes regarding the fact that consumers can change their lives and world by appropriately using the power of “conscious consumerism.”” May 16, 2009

Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Expert, Leashes and Lovers

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“Dana Humphrey is a Gem! You won’t find a PR person who goes to such lengths more so than Dana. She has the contacts, immeasurable skills, personality, writes, and can be counted on to go the extra distance without your even asking. Professional, reliable, dependable, creative, and someone who has your back! Dana was always there keeping me on point and mentioning the important aspects before the interview just at the right time! No need to hesitate on whether you need PR – you need Dana Humphrey of Whitegate PR.” April 7, 2010

Michelle Christie, Organizer of Motivators and Creators (MACs) Women’s Group

Personable, Expert, Good Value

“While only working with Dana for a short while I am delighted to recommend her based on first-hand knowledge of her dedication and open-minded approach to the project at hand. Dana is detail oriented and innovative, she is skilled and creative. She denotes a strong experience in public relations and is very professional.” November 9, 2009

Paul West, Author/President at Firstcauseproject

Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Since our first interaction, when she ‘discovered’ me at my book release party, Dana has been a pleasure to deal with. As my publicist, she’s displayed great reserves of energy and has been willing to help at many levels, including such minutiae as picking up a clipboard for the first book signing she helped set up for me; furthermore, her energy extends beyond the proverbial call of duty, as when she helped carry books when I had an injured foot–or when she volunteered to go off-site to hand out flyers at a nearby museum because lousy weather was literally and figuratively dampening our event. Dana makes suggestions without being bossy, and respects my prerogative to make final decisions regarding my book’s promotion; she is collaborative and patient, but has not seemed disingenuous or made me feel patronized. She is dutiful, yet also able to be authoritative. Moreover, she’s sociable and good humored, alongside her professionalism–balancing the roles of business advisor, contractual employee, and friend to the artist better than many in her profession that I have seen. I would recommend her highly, and believe that as her business expands and she becomes more successful, she’ll continue to manage her duties in a balanced and professional yet pleasant and genuine manner. I’m extremely finicky about whom I’d allow to represent me and my product, and so far I haven’t been disappointed.” November 18, 2009

Audra Fordin, Female Auto Mechanic Owner/Operator Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop

Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

“I am proud to recommend, Dana Humphrey, for services. But I would first like to say a few words about her as a person. Dana is a highly intelligent, perceptive woman. She is committed to capitalizing on the opportunity of her clients, I know this, because I am one of them. Because of her positive disposition, her reflective way of operating, and all of the character traits that make her so special, Dana’ s questions never go unanswered, and her searches and reach have always brought me to exciting new discoveries. She is an excellent writer and publicist. Thank you Dana! Audra Fordin” May 7, 2010

Regina Bonolo, Success Coach, Sales & Marketing Maven – Aspire Higher

Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“Dana is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely resourceful and fast to act for my hypervelocity clients in NY. She is a prolific writer and her creative marketing and PR ideas provided a well-rounded campaign for a million dollar spa. We produced outstanding results for a Client Appreciation event and product launch. We had almost 100 attendees and the press and publicity Dana initiated made this event a success. Thank you Dana.” July 14, 2009

Thomas Hollowell, Independent Writing and Editing Professional

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Dana is unbelievable! Her work ethic and creative ideas to arrange and get the word out for my author signing events in New York City were top notch. She helped with three events, including a book launch at the renowned Idlewild Books in Manhattan. Not only does she add a personal touch to her work, but she goes above and beyond the call of duty (even helping to find sponsors, along with the mundane aspect of finding supplies needed, such as napkins, cups, and ice). I cannot say enough. As my career grows, I hope to work with Dana well into the future : ) I am sure she will become one of the most in-demand hires in the PR and marketing field; she has the professional energy and pizazz to make just about anything she works on a success.” August 13, 2009

Shelly-Ann Floyd-Benjamin, Community Construction Liaison at The RBA Group

“Dana was a pleasure to work with at Women For Hire. She was always pleasant and found the time to advise me on certain aspects of the business so that my time there was an educational experience. Dana is a talented, hardworking and dedicated individual who will undoubtedly go far in her future endeavors. I would love to work with her again.” January 6, 2009

Gayna Scott, VP Business Development, Take5Moment

“Dana is delightful to work with ~ she is energetic, hard-working, creative, well-organized and driven to gain customer satisfaction. Her “can do” attitude is inspiring and is has the ability to push through layers of complex details to achieve positive outcomes.” February 13, 2009

Rhonda R. Ohnesorge, Director Sales & Marketing, San Diego Polo Club

“Dana has a very creative marketing mind, is multi-talented and very easy to work with. Our doggie fashion event was a two-fold success as it exposed our members and spectators to Muttropolis, while engaging her clients and their pets in a classy, fun and philanthropic experience. She is a true professional, and was extremely timely answering all correpondence, calls and requests. Her attention to detail and coordination of personalities and pets made the event effortless. I highly recommend working with Dana, in any or all Marketing or Public Relations projects.” March 18, 2009

Lizeth Lodge, Marketing & Merchandising Intern, Muttropolis

“Dana is incredibly creative and innovative. She is also a pleasure to work for- she has a positive attitude, is friendly, and a strong leader. I would gladly work with Dana again if the opportunity arose.” July 18, 2008

Michelle Grycner, Paralegal, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP

“Dana did some amazing work to assist a local non-profit animal group in San Diego. Not only was she extremely professional and motivated but she was also always willing to answer questions and help in any way that she could. It was clear through her contacts that she is well respected and liked within the professional community.” August 18, 2008

Janet McCulley, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Muttropolis

“Dana has been an incredible asset to the Muttropolis team, is consistently eager to take on new challenges and is amazingly able to juggle a crazy amount of projects all while maintaining a great attitude. She is quick, intuitive and her ability to anticipate my next thought became downright scary. She is a pleasure to work with and her fun sense of humor is definitely a bonus!” August 22, 2008

Sheila Garczynski, District Manager, Muttropolis

“Dana is fantastic at what she does! She always has a million things going at once, but is very present when discussing a new project with you. She has MANY resources, and before you can finish your sentence, she has already begun gathering the information you’ve been discussing. This is not to mention her brilliant smile and warm sunny personality!” May 7, 2008

Andy Ramirez, Owner, IT Consultant

“Dana is one of the most in tune marketing managers I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across. It’s difficult in these days of esoteric and aloof marketing people to find somebody with their roots grounded in good business sense and results. I have seen some of her eMail marketing campaigns and as a customer and support person I was thoroughly impressed. I would hire Dana to work for me at a moments notice. And I would steak my reputation on recommending Dana.” May 13, 2008

Arden Moore, President, By Arden, Inc.

“Dana brings energy and creativity to her job at Muttropolis, a fast-growing company. I’ve worked with her on a few pet events and each time, she has wowed me with her ability to think outside the box and make the events special. She is a true professional and gets the job done.” May 13, 2008

Tanya Vaughan, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Hewlett-Packard

“I worked with Dana to help them optimize their ecommerce site for search and drive additional social interaction, launch the blog, etc. She is extremely knowledgeable and understood and acted quickly on all the strategies to make Muttropolis a web 2.0 site. I highly recommend her for any online or offline marketing as she is highly skilled in both areas.” May 13, 2008

Liz Ripepi, Sales Executive, RealTimeBookkeeping.com

“Dana is one of the most well networked and resourceful individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Despite her age she consistently proves herself as a fierce professional bringing value and integrity to everything that she does.” May 13, 2008

Jolene Ramirez, Marketing Associate, Torrey Pines Capital Management

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dana on several projects over the past couple of years and have always been highly impressed with her attitude and skill. She has a natural talent for creating visually captivating marketing and promotional materials which I believe can be one of the toughest things to accomplish in our field. She also has impressed me with her ability to effortlessly plan and execute promotional events. I have always had a fabulous time at these events, as have other attendees, and she always ensures that the marketing objectives of the event are accomplished. Finally, her never failing spirit makes her an ideal colleague who motivates those around her and demonstrates a commitment to her craft that is not often seen. Dana would be a wonderful asset to any organization.” May 13, 2008

Lauren Walsh, Partner, Citrus PR

“Dana is a stellar marketing resource and worked well as an extended team member to lead and manage PR for the company – notably very comfortable on camera, Dana can be counted upon by producers for a winning segment!” February 10, 2009

Stephanie Thompson, Owner, Stephanie Thompson Public Relations

“Dana is extremely capable and already quite experienced as a public relations professional. I was able to entrust her with tasks of increasing responsibility in a short time. She’s also a good writer.” June 24, 2008

Kitty Franklin, Lead Generation and Marketing Strategy Expert

Great Results , Good Value , On Time

“I hired Dana to help me promote my business, a drama program designed to help kids build communication and life skills. Her work was excellent and resulted in press coverage in several of my target publications. I highly recommend Dana for any PR or marketing position.” September 3, 2008

Melanie Marks, Owner, Shark Trust Wines

“Dana was one of the best hires that I stumbled into. During the critical start-up phase of my company, she dug in and took on whatever task was needed. In additions to getting some great press coverage, she also reached out to complimentary businesses to initiate working relationships. These are some of my best business contacts still today. She will be a superstar as her career progresses.” May 13, 2008

Youssef Gaigi, Account Manager, AIESEC United States Inc.

“I met Dana as she was starting her teacher position with “Action Jeunesse”, in Morocco. The NGO was very active in educating, mentoring, and counseling youth in underprivileged suburbs of Casablanca. The work Dana did is fascinating! she had to overcome cultural, social and economic challenges in order to achieve her goals. And she did! Dana changed her students lives forever and contributed to the development of their community. This same experience allowed Dana explore herself, her culture, and expand her limits and become a stronger person.” June 11, 2008

Tugba Sert, Vice President, AIESEC Turkey

“Dana took an important role during her intenship in Turkcell, the largest telecommunications company in Turkey. She was involved in various important projects and she fulfilled all her responsibilities in the best way She has a great personality and very good communication skills, can work independently, very well organized. In addition, Dana is a quick learner and she was motivated and interested in learning and improving her skills. Therefore i can unreservedly recommend Dana for any position..” August 20, 2008

Fiona Wan, Student, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

“Dana is a professional with a sunny disposition. She will be a joy to work with” August 15, 2008

Amber Degnan, CEO/CFO, Muttropolis

“Dana is the creative force behind Muttropolis’ successful expansion of their Brand into multiple retail channels and geographic regions. As well, she has been the power behind the company’s local out reach programs and partnerships. In addition to her innovation and creativity, she is a self starter that always goes the extra mile to ensure outstanding results for the Company’s programs and events. She steps in without being asked and fulfills whatever role is required. Last but not least, she is the “Big T” in team. A top notch player that I would strongly recommend for a PR or Marketing position for any growth oriented organization.” July 27, 2008

Alina Pikula, Power Brain Training Center Menager at Power Brain Training Center

Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Dana was wonderful. Very observant, wrote a wonderful article about us grabbing all that there was. Kids loved her and responded very well. If I need help again, I will choose Dana. Thanks, Alina” March 3, 2010

Estela Lam, Merchandising, Muttropolis

“Dana is a self starter with lots of motivation and a great positive attitude. She works very well with very little supervision and is not afraid to take on new challenges. She is a quick learner.”

Kiiah Kimball, Buyer/Logistics/Creative Direction, Muttropolis

“I have had nothing but wonderful experiences working with Dana. She is not only the most upbeat person I’ve ever worked with, but she tackles every project with passion and professionalism. Talk about a multi-tasker, she defines the word!” August 12, 2008

Darin Sellers, District Manager and Visual Merchandising Manager, Muttropolis

“Dana is extremely creative and utilizes this and her outgoing personality to think outside the box and build community awareness and support of the brand she’s representing. In her position with Muttropolis, she was successful in multi-tasking in many different arenas and accross all the stores and website in her role as a Marketing & Public Relations Manager. Store Management teams relyed heavily on her abilities to access multiple channels and support the success of their events. She is a dedicated team player and is willing to accept additional responsibilities above and beyond her position’s requirements.” August 14, 2008